Welcome to L A R K!

L A R K, in beautiful historic downtown Olympia, WA, is the culmination of my lifetime of creating and offering eclectic, wearable and contemporary clothing to women near and far.


After 39 years away from Olympia, with stints in New York, Hanoi, Bali and Seattle, I have landed back here. Who knew???

I first came to Olympia in 1981 to attend The Evergreen State College. BIG shock, coming from New York City, and though TESC was a perfect match for a curious, rebellious and feisty kid like me, Olympia itself seemed dreary and way too small. I could not wait to leave, and my first stop was Thailand.

For over 25 years I travelled SE Asia, designing and manufacturing and wholesaling a line of clothing I called Endless Knot Art. In 1997, serendipity brought me to a perfect location in what was then funky and artsy and cheap Belltown in downtown Seattle. A warehouse for my wholesale business and a storefront all in one? Heck yes. Endless Knot boutique, my Seattle retail shop, was born.

Fast forward to now. Endless Knot Art wholesale closed but Endless Knot retail thrived in Seattle for 23 years. But the Amazon effect was harsh, in ways subtle and overt, and the Seattle I’d known and loved was shifting. Having a small business got harder by the day and something had to give. Small town life started looking really appealing. And, to sweeten the pot and tip the scales, I finally decided it was time to move in with my very settled Olympia resident husband after 11 years together. LOTS of new adventures!

L A R K is a continuation of my mission to share my love of textile and color and form with the women of my new/old town. We carry a wide variety of brands, with a special focus on women owned independent designers, local designers, American small batch made and fair-trade imports. We are always on the lookout for local makers of clothing, jewelry and accessories. 

I’ve been around the world, the years have slipped by, and now I am back and delighted to call Olympia my home! 



Visit us in Downtown Olympia

That's right, online and in-store.

113 5th Ave SW Olympia
Phone: 360.878.8806
Email: larklarkgoose@gmail.com