Shop Local, Give Local: Urban Rest Stop

To live in vibrant communities, it is essential to support the local businesses that make them vibrant. Shopping local is a powerful statement each of us can easily make. When you shop locally, at independent retailers, you are making a choice to support your neighbors and your neighborhood. At Endless Knot we make conscious purchasing choices when available, choosing the local printer or hardware store, the local coffee shop or movie theater, the local designer and the local jeweler.

Now we are also choosing to direct our donations locally. We have long been supporters of local service organizations, contributing to Dorothy Day House, Mary’s Place, Real Change, Nicklesville and other groups. We have also contributed to national and international efforts such as the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Doctors Without Borders and others.

These organizations are worthy, and, now more than ever, essential. But to act locally also means to give locally. Endless Knot pledges to support organizations that have a direct impact on the populations they serve in our Seattle community. Now you can help.

Starting this week, on Sunday March 12th,
and during the 3rd week of every month, visitors to our Belltown boutique will find a select rack of clothes designated “Shop Local, Give Local”. Every item on that rack will be sold for $20, and we will be donating that full $20 to our chosen organization. Great bargains for you, great causes supported. Win-Win.

This month, to kick off our new program, we are directing our donations to the Urban Rest Stop. Under the auspices of the Low Income Housing Institute, Urban Rest Stop locations provide a clean, safe and welcoming facility where individuals and families experiencing homelessness can come and use restrooms, laundry facilities and showers.  All services are provided at no cost to patrons. Visit their website:

Why Urban Rest Stop?    Let’s put it into perspective….
Imagine this…. A woman visits our shop, finds something lovely to wear, but does not want to try it on direct from her morning run or yoga class. She can go home, freshen up, change clothes and feel confident about going out into the world.

And then imagine this…. A woman loses her job, then her home. She may struggle with health issues, may not have enough to eat. And, try as she might - to get a job, to find a home - her struggle is compounded by her limited access to clean clothes and a shower.

The Urban Rest Stop locations in our city allow people to reclaim the basic human dignity of feeling clean. We applaud their work. Thanks for helping us support them.

In the months to come we will be directing our donations from the “Shop Local, Give Local” rack to a wide variety of local organizations. These will include food banks, youth shelters, health clinics, women’s organizations and others. We welcome your suggestions for great community services that you believe deserve our support. And again, thanks for continuing to support women owned, independent, local small business.

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