Shaylyn Rae + Adelyn Rae



Hey you guys, meet Shaylyn! 

Shaylyn (her friends call her Shay) is a local Seattle blogger with a passion for style, adventure, and connecting with new people! We caught up with her a few weeks back and here's what we learned:

She started her blog, just this year! In January, Shay decided to take the plunge and go all in on something she'd been considering for some time! 

But she doesn't blog full-time. What's her day job you ask? She's an architect! Shaylyn has a Bachelor of Architecture from Iowa State University. Originally from Iowa, Shay held an internship in Phoenix, AZ and then moved to the PNW when a job opportunity arose. 

You see, her job is quite technical and she began this blog as a creative outlet. She's driven to produce and post content that she loves, but is also inspiring to others. Through her blog, she is able to try new things and share her authentic thoughts and feelings.  





Shay took some time to let us style her, and even do some studio modeling for our site! She was such a gem to work with, not to mention looks great in this incredibly cool woven dress by Adelyn Rae.




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