20 years and growing strong!

Way back when, 20 years ago, I opened the Endless Knot boutique with my own original line, Endless Knot Art. Many of you will remember our brand as sophisticated and innovative, with eclectic original prints.

Our Seattle shop was our first and only shop. Though having my own shop wasn’t in the plans, it came into being through a lucky fluke and a real estate miracle. Our good fortune continues to this day. We’ve had 20 years in our same Belltown location, holding down our corner at First and Bell.

As Belltown grew, so did Endless Knot. We brought in more contemporary lines to the shop, while staying true to our vision of providing superior quality, comfortable, wearable clothing, jewelry and accessories.

In 2009, we closed the Endless Knot Art label to focus on our boutique. We expanded our offerings to include many local designers. We found other wildly original brands that have become shop staples. We seek out products that we can stand behind and continue to source local, fair trade, and women owned companies that provide wearable, stylish items. And we have taken to heart our roles in supporting local small businesses, raising awareness about social justice issues, and creating a welcoming safe space for all.

20 Years. WOW! We are so grateful to still be here, and we owe our success to so many wonderful people with whom we have crossed paths over the years. Our deepest thanks to all our customers, we truly could not do it without you. To the designers, manufacturers and sales reps who keep the wheels of commerce turning, thank you. To the folks at Dorothy Day, you inspire us and we couldn’t ask for a better landlord. And, to all our coworkers, past and present, my deepest appreciation to you for jumping on this bandwagon and helping Endless Knot be what it is today.

We are proud to be one of Seattle’s most beloved shops. Thanks for continuing to support women owned, local, small business. See you soon!

And here we are, now, heading into the future. We are excited to be launching our brand new website and e-commerce store.



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